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The World's Best Beard Oil & Beard Balm

'Hey, awesome beard!'

We love our beards, but also know what it's like to have beards that get the wrong kind of attention, negative attention. Sideways glances, weird looks, sneers and chuckles, these usually came during the times when our beards were frizzy, patchy or out of control... let's call this the Tom Hanks Castaway look. Fortunately we found a solution and came up with a range of premium beard products that build awesome beards. We know these quality products will help you too. 

Make your beard remarkable for all the right reasons. Here's how...

  1. Beard Oil for sprouting healthy beard hair 
  2. Beard Balm for taming, stimulating and boosting your beard hair
  3. Beard Brushes to smooth in your beard oil and balm, helping stimulate growth through increased blood flow.

We challenge you to try our products and build a great beard - Find out what it is like to have the confidence and power of owning a magnificent beard, a beard women are drawn to and your friends will envy... the right kind of attention.



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